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Thousands of Lampshades in Stock

Need a bright new look for your home? The right lampshade can make a surprising difference in any room of your home. But finding the styles, designs, colors, fabrics, and sizes you need can be a challenge.

Top of the Lamp puts lampshade selection in a whole new light. Our inventory includes 2,500 lampshades in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to give you a better selection. If we don’t have the lampshade you are looking for, let us know! We will gladly order it for you.

Top of the Lamp

At Top of the Lamp, we make sure you get the right lampshade at the right price and ensure that the shade you select properly fits. Please bring your lamp to the store so that we can assist you best. If you need help getting lamps in or out of the car, let us know. We are happy to assist.